El Camino College Case Study

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Background Information: El Camino College (ECC) is a fully accredited public college of the California Community College system, started in 1946. The highest degree offered is Associates degree. There are 24,756 students enrolled, with 32 percent Full time, and 68 percent Part time students. The curriculum features 2,500 different classes offered in 850 different programs. Including online and telecourses, students have wide flexibility in scheduling. A. Trends in the industry that might or might not affect the stability of the account: The trends in the community college industry will affect the bottom line with the enrollment of students, adding classes, and possible professors. One trend is the count of transfers, El Camino College six year trend for sending students to UC and CSU systems shows a 17.5 percent increase. This increase is due to the increase…show more content…
Current Technology vendors : Current ECC hardware (HP9000) is end-of-life with Ellucian. Current implementation has many customizations and use of non-native interfaces for reporting and data exchange; routine patching of the system has become very complex. Email is one of the top two most important systems by faculty and staff with 24x7 uptime expectations. The IT service department has no formal Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or staffing capability to maintain email at that service level increasingly, organizations are outsourcing enterprise email to cloud-based systems 6. Learning Management System at El Camino College is effectively operating two LMS platforms to overcome limitations in either system. Document imaging current application in use at El Camino College is no longer in active product development. Many departments are clamoring for electronic workflow and forms processing capabilities, which are part of most enterprise class document management platforms E. Significant purchases, acquisitions or legislation that possibly might lead to a KM solution or strategy within the

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