El Cariso Hotshots Case Study

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Natural elements along with an unforeseen circumstance contributed to the direct catastrophe tragedy that captures the lives of twelve members of the El Cariso Hotshots on November 1, 1966.This fire become designated as The Loop Fire. Ten members perish on the Fireline will twelve members severely burn consequently two perish later at the hospital from burn injuries. Bringing the fatalities total to twelve members of the El Cariso Hotshots. We can’t forget this fallen man. We need to learn from the past to prevent future targets through our action taken by strategy, tactics and hazard awareness. Each member is ultimately responsible for taken firefighter safety action and being able to recognize scene around them. Understanding Topographical…show more content…
No radios have given out to hotshots seen radios had already been assigned. Hotshots where to leapfrog and cold trail the terrain division A, eventually meeting up with other at division C .()Their assignment fire line containment primarily through hand tools that meant cutting down trees, vegetation. Removing available fuel from advancing ordinarily mitigating fuel component of the fire triangle by taking fuel away, seen oxygen and heat are harder to control in wildland fires if not toughest and time-consuming. El Cariso Hotshots where in the southeast corner lower end in a narrow ravine canyon that places them within the chimney canyon. Unable to communicate with other resources. Topography of the land steep slopes, broken, heavy litter, brush nevertheless influenced fire…show more content…
The lookout had seemed to have witnessed fire behavior, visual indicators to start to take appropriate action to move out, but lack of communication link between him, crewmen and other resource do with unavailable radios. Firefighter needs to be formulae with ten standing order used in wildland firefighting. We must understand the topography of the land how slops, mountain, canyon plays a role in fire behavior. Have positive means of escaping options at all times. El Cariso Hotshot had not carried with them at the time of their assignment their fire shelters. Fire shelter could be utilized as last means. Being former with weather condition and having someone mentor them at all times. Ultimately, our action plays an important part in our own safety and the life of

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