El Carte Presto: Case Study

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Introduction This study evaluates the management of a local café- El Carte Presto. The purpose of the study is to assess comprehensively the management of the organization in the capacity of being a purchasing manager to it. The aim of the assessment is to delve into the café’s supplier selection, take up the issue of its purchasing cost, hence analyzing it and recommending measures for improvement if required and also elaborate how can the café use information and communication technology for purchasing operations and management. El Carte Presto is a major player in food services in Boston. Our business strategy rests on the three A’s: Accessibility, Affordability and Acceptability. We bank upon our primary approach to offer affordable coffee…show more content…
Mobile ordering- This is one zone where fast-food chains are in the bleeding edge. Kuyloon 's Pizza is so far alongside it, they as of late presented their Spanish-dialect versatile requesting application. (Tice, 2012)
2. Facebook ordering- This may be the greatest innovation jump coming in the following year, as about 100 percent of eatery proprietors say they plan to have a Facebook presence by one year from now. Organizations represent considerable authority in Facebook-installment incorporation for eateries,. This is a genuinely ease add-on to make, and it can possibly develop deals, which dependably stands out enough to be noticed. For example, the Taco Spot in Charleston, SC saw a 10 percent deals knock subsequent to executing Facebook-based requesting. (Tice,
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Startup costs- The kind of area and whether a café is autonomous or financed are both real determinants of startup expenses. El Carte Presto is located in a very posh area and is an autonomous enterprise. A coffee truck costs between $20,000 to $25,000 to start up while a kiosk costs between $25,000 to $75,000. Drive-through areas are normally $80,000 to $200,000, albeit smaller units can be less lavish. Sit-down areas ordinarily cost in the middle of $200,000 and $375,000 to set up. (prospects, 2014)
2. Variable costs- In a café, variable expenses originate from the item and the compartment that holds it. Expenses fluctuate taking into account the sorts of items served and on the amount that goes into a beverage, so they can be difficult to anticipate on a general premise. As a case, if milk costs $3 per gallon, or 2.34 cents for each ounce, and a beverage contains 9 ounces of milk, the milk expense will be 21.1 cents. On the off chance that the beverage contains one twofold shot of coffee and a $7.50 pound of beans makes 32 twofold shots, the espresso expense is 23.4 cents. This is an aggregate sustenance expense of 66.6 cents. Containers, tops and sleeves include extra cost and in the event that they indicate 20 cents, the aggregate expense of the beverage would be 86.6 cents.
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