El Chapo's Escape And Recapure

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Beatriz Pintor Ms. McKimmey Pre-AP World History Period 4 22 January 2016 El Chapo’s Escape and Recapture On January 2016 fugitive drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is recaptured again. He was captured by two Mexican Marines in a Resort in Mazatlan early in the morning, which is in northern mexico. At first people didn’t think it was him because they had his face covered when they were taking him away. People were blaming and against the Mexican President and saying it wasn’t him and that this was just part of a movie. El Chapo was going to make a movie about his life so this is why people didn’t believe the president when they heard that he was finally recaptured. This is now the third time he has gone back to jail. He was caught after

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