El Cid's Influence On Sanchos De Vivar

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Born into minor castilian nobility in 1049, Rodrigo Diaz De Vivar was raised in the court of King Ferdinand and served sons, Sancho च of Leon and Castile. Upon the ascension of Sancho in 1065, Diaz became Commander and Royal Standard Bearer of Castile. With many years of loyalty and military strategy he led the castilian military campaigns against sanchos brothers, various kingdoms and leaders. He was renowned for his skills and the expansion of castilian territory, at the expensive of muslims and the king's brothers. As time went on and more land were conquered the title of El Cid was known across medieval Spain.
Sancho was murdered by conspirators in 1072, leaving the court with no heir. With no one to take the throne the king ship fell to Alfonso, the same brother El Cid removed and prevented from retaking power. Although he married Alfonso’s niece and continued to serve the castilian court he had lost respect, ranking and social class. In the year 1082 El Cid was banished by King Alfonso after he had participated in The Battle of Cabra and turned the battle into a route of Emir Abdullah of Granada and his ally García Ordóñez. There may have been other contributing factors such as jealous nobles turning
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El Cid journeyed to the Taifa of Zaragoza where he received a warmer welcome. He even fought for several years with the moorish army in advancing and expanding territory of these people. In 1084, The Army of the Taifa of Zaragoza under El Cid defeated the Aragonese at the Battle of Morella near Tortosa, but in autumn the Castilians started a loose siege of Toledo and later the next year the Christians captured Salamanca, a stronghold of the Taifa of Toledo. Alfonso recalled El Cid, It has been shown that he was at court on July 1087; however, what happened after that is unclear. El Cid returned to Alfonso, but now he had his own
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