El Dorado In Voltaire's Candide

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In the story Candide, by Voltaire, El Dorado shaped the life of Candide. The events that happened in El Dorado shaped Candides philosophy. Candide experienced the world, though that he would grow as a person. Candide is thrown out of the castle because he kissed Cunegonde. In the beginning of the book Candide has little experience of how cruel the world is outside the castle. Candide goes around the world shaping his philosophy. His best friend Pangloss is an well known philosopher. Panglosses philosophy was “everything is indeed for the best” (Voltaire 6). In the story Candide’s personality starts to develop as he starts to gain more experience of the world around him. With the experience he gained throughout the world he starts to developed develop different perspective of the world. When Candide gets to El Dorado he is shocked on how the people of El Dorado live. They have jewels just laying around on the streets. The city of El Dorado is a utopia. This city has no has no flaws. Candides advatures showed him that no one person is perfect. When Candide go to El Dorado a sort of money crave came to his to his mind. This money crave represents the evils of greed. He wanted to use the jewels from El Dorado to rescue Cunegonda. According to Voltaire “dozon sheep loaded with Eldoradean pebbles, we shall be richer than all the kings…show more content…
This is an example of Candide gaining experience throughout his traveling of the world. He saw selfish side of the sailor when Jacques saved the sailor ,but he did not try to save Jacques. According to Candide “the good Jacques runs to his assistance, hauls him back on board, and in doing so is himself pitched into the sea in full view of the sailor, who leaves him to drown without even a backward glance (13). This is where Candide saw the world was not always nice in repaying a favor. In the El Dorado situation he only looked towards the outcome if he
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