El Gouna Case Study

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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND THINKING Hotels that want to be in the competitive market work through strategic thinking and management. It requires the adoption of strategic planning for attracting the tourists and marketing them the best. Conquering the position on the tourist consumer market is an enduring procedure and therefore has a requirement of strategic management and thinking. Strategic management is a process for future that pursues the attainment of setting the goals for implementing and formulating long-term strategies to have a positive outcome. Considering El Gouna, the strategic thinking, and management involved the competitive advantage through the type of tourism offered segments that are added and the products that would be provided. In terms of El Gouna, the company strategically constructed the place near the Red Sea. It initiated its strategic thinking by collaborating with other neighboring hotels, businesses, visitors, and residents to preserve the exceptional environment for the resort. The place was strategically analyzed, and used to make a beautiful resort. The second strategic step taken for El Gouna was its architecture and groundwork. The resort was designed with the assistance of many international designers converting the look of a desert to the present unique look. With the…show more content…
It is principally a plan for the long-term business (Teece, 2010). The business strategy that is utilized by El Gouna is Cost Leadership and Differentiation strategy. This strategy is used by focusing on constructing autonomous towns by protecting widespread stretches of land at a reduced cost in different locations. These locations were selected based on their ability to be highly potential and working for optimizing the worth. This was implemented by offering a high-quality and completely integrated experience of living in El

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