El Greco Vs Picasso

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Spanish have lots of history just like any other countries. El Greco and Pablo Picasso both are famous Spanish artists. El Greco is a Greek artist whose painting is mainly about figures and scenery. Pablo Picasso is an artist who exist around the 20th century, he did lots of different types of artwork like symbolism, surrealism and he is also the creator of cubism. El Greco’s full name is Domenikos Theotokopoulos. He is born around the year 1541 in Crete, Italy and died on April 7, 1614. His main focus is on painting and sculpturing. Most mediums he uses oil, tempera, and wood. He belongs to a prosperous family and his training led him to Cretan school and teach, then he decided to move to the city Rome and developed a series of artwork…show more content…
El Greco is considered a Mannerist because of his early artwork. His masterpiece ‘The Burial of the Count of Orgaz’ are based on the Mannerist style. Not only that, but he is also influenced by churchman and did lots of religious paintings. He believed that his talent in art is from Christ. Top 10 of the famous artwork that was known by the people they all have angels or something to do with Christ. One of the artwork is called ‘The Adoration of the Shepherds’ or ‘La adoracion de los pastores’. This painting is when Jesus is born, the shepherds and angels are celebrating his birth. A scene that everyone knows. This painting is also known for ‘extreme distortion of body’, it is the last artwork of El Greco, his assistant says that he is still working on this painting until April 1614, his…show more content…
First the Blue Period is from 1901 to 1904, during that period of time, almost all of the work that he has contains some shade of blue, and it contains introspective, melancholy and lean figures. Two famous examples of his art during the blue period would be ‘Old Guitarist’ and ‘Life’. The Second period starts at 1904 it is called the Pink or the Rose Period. During this period Pablo’s work became more natural in the range and most of his work all have some type of reddish or pink color in them. One great example would be the ‘Family of Saltimbanques’. One of his most famous art is called ‘Girl Before a Mirror’. In this picture, the girl’s name is named Marie Therese Walter, and she was painted several times by Pablo. In conclusion, compare to Pablo Picasso, El Greco was not born in a creative family, it was more like his talent and the school taught him all about art. His art style is more towards Christianity and more realistic. And Pablo’s art style is going towards cubism, surrealism, and mostly figures. El Greco’s style is the influence of churchmen, and Pablo’s art is been through Blue and Pink Period. El Greco is more back in time than Pablo Picasso is. They are both good artists, that made a change in art

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