El Salvador: A Well-Known Country In Central America

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El Salvador is one of the most well known countries in Central America. There are multiple cities that make up this country; but within these cities is what makes this country unique. The variety of food, tourist attractions, and cultural events are all different qualities of El Salvador.

Food plays a big role in making up the country known as El Salvador. Breakfast may be the most important meal to some people, but it also one of the biggest in El Salvador. Breakfast consists of a variety of foods, including: tropical fruits, scrambled eggs with vegetables, cheese, mashed, beans and tortillas. The most well known food is named pupusa. Pupusa is made up of a corn tortilla stuffed with cheese, meat, and any other filling. Other foods well known to a citizen of El Salvador include: empanadas, tamales, and sopa de pata. Seafood and soup also play a big role in an El Salvadorians’ diet. Food in El Salvador isn’t just something to eat, but it is also a way to see their culture (Hubbard).

There are about 6 main festivals or big celebrations in El Salvador. The biggest celebration is Independence Day, which is celebrated on September 15th. This is celebrated much like the United States Independence Day on July 4th. El Salvador commemorates this day with parades, fireworks, and flags. A very fiery festival that takes place in El
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Although El Salvador may not be known for these qualities, they are what make the country unique and special to so many citizens. The community members of El Salvador may not realize that they are living in such a remarkable place, but the people who visit and learn about the country get to experience these features in a new light; they get to see what so many haven’t, the things that the citizens have already seen; the country itself and its distinctive features, including the art, music, culture, food, and tourist

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