El Salvador Exodus

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In El Salvador during the 1970’s the campesinos, the indigent class, were treated as second class citizens by the military and elite classes. To find salivation these people flocked to the Catholic Church for wisdom, love, and protection. To comfort their parish the priests of El Salvador often preached to the people that God wanted them to endure suffering for an eternal reward. However, after continuous violence by the military, priests such as Fr. Rutilio grande and others began to preach a new aspect based on the book of Exodus (3-14). This new teaching was about the Israelites freedom from the bonds of slavery to a new life with a future in a Promised Land. The priests started teaching the events of the exodus, because it was very similar…show more content…
In the Exodus event and the events of El Salvador there was a leading authority that governed each region. In both Egypt and El Salvador the governmental authority was corrupt. In the Exodus event, the Pharaoh controlled the entire government, the region, and all of the people. The Pharaoh and other leading authorities were responsible for enslaving their people and leaving them impoverished. This Egyptian government only worked for their own benefit and tortured or killed anyone who challenged them. Similarly, in El Salvador, the military dictated by General Humberto, controlled all civilians and was responsible for the oppression of its people. The military killed the campesinos and anyone who fought for justice. For example, the military was responsible for killing and torturing many priests in El Salvador such as Fr. Alfonzo Osuña. Both the governments of Egypt and El Salvador were corrupt and responsible for the persecution of their people. Furthermore, both these leading authorities favored the elite class and thought of the impoverished people as abhorrent. These governments were selfish and greedy, and refused to let their people live peacefully. Although the Israelites and campesinos were oppressed and battered they both found help from one person in their region. In the Exodus event the Israelites followed and listened to Moses. Moses guided the people and helped them from their strife. Moses originally supported the government and the Pharaoh of Egypt. He grew up as a son of the Pharaoh and therefore believed in the corrupt government of Egypt. However, he eventually embarked on a path of God and learned what was moral and right. As a result, he left his position in Egypt and fought to protect the enslave Israelite’s. Moses eventually freed these people and guided them along a path to the promise land. The Exodus event with Moses is very

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