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Assessment: Describe some approaches to ELA assessment used in your classroom. Use specific examples. How do these align with assessment principles in chapter 5 and/or chapter 10?

My introduction to assessment during this practicum took place during my first two sessions. Curentley, I believe that I have had my biggest take away during these sessions. Being in middle schools students are no longer in the same environment for the entire day, instead students change classes for different periods of the day. I also had the opportunity of experiencing different forms of teaching, by spending some time in different options in addition to my placement in humanaties. For the first half of the day I was in my assigned classroom where students were
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BAS is a form of assessment which is used to identify student reading levels, and their progression. However, BAS is not limited to being specifically used for the purpose of the student. In fact, BAS can be used to measure achievement levels in a variety of ways. Another scenario where BAS would be beneficial would be providing feedback to the teacher where a student who has newly emigrated from another country is on an academic level.Thus, being beneficial to both the student and the educator by providing information that will help determine where the student should be placed, or what gaps must be filled to help the student become successful. For example, this form of assessment can be used on a larger scale for the purpose of identifying where a school stands in comparison to other schools. Finally, in the film study option I witnessed how Assessment for Learning, or summative assessment was applied to student presentations. In this scenario summative assessment was use in performance task. The form of assessment I observed was task specific, meaning students were asked to complete a task that will test a specific skills. Often this form of assessment is accompanied by a rubric, which teachers can use as a guide for grading, and students can use a check list they can refer to while completing the
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