Elbow Bursitis Case Study

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The human body contains numerous bursa sacs located between various tissues and bones. The bursa sacs act as a lubricant to aid in the continuous range of movement in a free manner. When a bursa sac becomes inflamed or irritated, the result is painful bursitis. In the elbow, bursitis can restrict movement as the amount of lubricant increases and swelling occur. The treatment options for elbow bursitis have numerous contributing factors.
The Cause
One of the most important aspects in the treatment options for elbow bursitis is the cause. Seeking an accurate diagnosis will help to determine if bursitis is the actual cause of the pain in the elbow.
• An impact on the elbow may create excess fluid causing the area around the bursa sac to swell.
• Pressure on the bursa sac over a long period of time
• Repetitive motion of the elbow
• Infection after an injury
• A degenerative disease, including arthritics or gout
• Age, elbow bursitis is common in adults who are over the age of 40
Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Elbow Bursitis
Finding the best treatment options for elbow bursitis depends on the degree of irritation, inflammation and infection. In most cases, the doctor will begin with simple conservative options to help relieve the primary symptoms.
• Antibiotics if the area is infected
• Over the counter or
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Dr. Howard Marans will explain the best treatment options for elbow bursitis based on an individual and accurate diagnosis. He will answer all questions and concerns prior to execute the treatment plan. Dr. Marans accepts numerous insurance plans including PPO to provide a patient with an optimal outcome without creating a financial burden. For questions and concerns regarding the various treatment options for elbow bursitis, please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at

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