Elder Parkman Reflection

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Well President Passey, it has been a good week. I have noticed that with a companionship again, rather than a trio, there are a few changes. It is interesting to see how the buffer of a third comp changes the dynamic between the individual members of the trio as well. Elder Parkman and I have gotten to know each others teaching styles and favorite scriptures, concerns about the area, and personal weaknesses and strengths much better in the last few days. I love it, I feel like he has a ton of experience and knowledge I can benefit from. As long as I don 't get prideful when he shares :) I think we will continue to improve a lot this next week! I have gained insights from him and Elder Vaughan as well on how I can improve my teaching, and we set goals and so far have been following our plans to help us progress. I feel so grateful to have had 2 companions who are so…show more content…
Elder Parkman and I have spoken a lot about the importance of love and enthusiasm when teaching. I realized that what I had been speaking to you about is simply my case of "losing your new missionary fire." Now that I have finally identified the problem I am on my road to fixing it! I was concerned because I simply wasn 't as cheerful about the work, I worried I was struggling to love the people. I think I understand myself a little better now, I have increased in love and testimony, I just haven 't been energetic and excited like before. This is a choice I didn 't know I was making, and now I can choose the other way :D It has been a great week, I know if i choose to be excited and teach with enthusiasm and love, I will become more like that again and more effectively communicate the Spirit I feel to others. Also, I love that DM this week is about companionship study, we have made companionship study goals recently and have been doing well. I am excited to receive, or at least remember, further

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