Elder Scrolls Vs Skyrim Essay

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Imagine, a vast open world full of dragons, werewolves and vampires. A place of dreams where you can do whatever your heart desired. Whether it be fighting in a civil war, saving the world from an evil dragon, or rescuing a vampire princess from a skeleton dungeon, this game has it. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the fifth sequel in the critically acclaimed Elder Scrolls series. The game, developed and published by gaming giant, Bethesda Game Studios, and executively directed and produced by Tom Howard, has received many game of the year awards and lots of critical acclaim. It has sold millions and millions of copies and has broken many records. The game deserves all the praise for the developers have worked on it for many years and have truly…show more content…
The controls are very responsive and no input lag is experienced in the game. If the user presses on the button for running, the character in the game will run immediately. The combat is very enjoyable. There are a variety of weapons that can be used like maces, swords, spells, bows etc. to fight all the antagonists in the game. The combat at times can be very tricky when fighting bosses because they have so much health. But most gamers find the more difficult something the more interesting the game is, so that is a pro. The menu system is very easy to use. The user interface is made so all the character’s information is stored in four menu options that can be easily accessed by pressing the start button. These fluid controls and ease of use make Skyrim hassle free for the user. Many people make the assumption that video games are a waste of time and offer no sort of benefit. This is not the case. Video games offer a way of escaping the stress and rush of everyday life and an entry into another realm. A world that the person controls and the freedom to do what they want, when they want to. It gives people a sense of greater purpose and is highly engaging and entertaining. Skyrim allows the user to immerse themselves in completely new world and serves as the perfect escape for many people. This is what makes it so unique and special and is why it deserves a ten out of ten
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