Eldercare Research Paper

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Eldercare and Eating Safely

The National Institute of Health reports that nearly 48 million Americans get sick each year from eating contaminated food. The illness is seldom fatal, but seniors are not only at greater risk of becoming ill from contaminated foods, but they are at greater risk of severe complications. The two best-known causes of the illnesses are the E.coli and salmonella bacteria.

One of the reasons seniors are at greater risk for food poisoning is that their stomachs do not produce as much stomach acid as they did when they were younger. This makes it more difficult for the body to kill the harmful bacteria. Compounding this issue are a less powerful immune system and a slowed process of digestion, which allows the bad
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This impacts their ability to identify foods that have spoiled or gone bad. In addition to age-related reductions in taste and smell, many medications also impact these senses.

In addition to helping your senior loved one with light housework, personal care, and medication management, eldercare personnel are able to assist your senior loved one in preparing nutritious meals, properly cleaning up and storing the leftover foods, and keeping the refrigerator cleared of spoiled leftovers. Eldercare personnel can also help your loved one plan their meals, shop for fresh foods, and ensure proper hygiene is followed when the food is being prepped and cooked.

Some of the most common causes of food poisoning are related to raw or undercooked meat. This includes meats and chicken, fish and other seafood, and even luncheon meats that are not properly refrigerated. Unpasteurized dairy products such as milk, cheese, and dairy drinks are also common culprits. Surprisingly, even foods which are supposed to be quite healthy can lead to sickness if not properly prepped. For example, fresh vegetables and salad greens need to be washed prior to being consumed, and sprouts should be cooked prior to being

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