Personal Narrative Essay

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Ed’s phone buzzed against his thigh, his hand pulled it from his pocket and was shocked to see an email from an unknown address.
“ If you ever want to see your nephew again, you will wire 100 thousand dollars to the attached account. DO NOT contact police.”
The account was from a bank Ed had never heard of, and appeared to be run outside the United States. His mind raced, how was he supposed to come up with 100 thousand dollars? He had never, ever had that kind of money, so why did this person think he could give it to him? Ed thought of his nephew’s smile and bright blue eyes, and was filled with determination. Ed racked his brain for ways to get the money he needed, when, suddenly, he was reminded of a documentary. It was about fake foundations
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He watched as a team of armoured policemen broke down the warehouse door and rush in one by one. Everything was silent for what felt like an eternity, then suddenly there was a “pop!” of a gun. Ed willed Ben to be okay, as he set with his teeth clenched and his nails digging into the palm of his hands. When Ed looked up again, a policeman emerged holding Ben’s hand and lead him towards the cop car. Ed leaped from the car and ran to his nephew. Their bodies collided with a “thud!” and soon the young boy was crying.
“I’m sorry it took so long.” Ed muttered,”I didn’t want them to hurt you. Are you okay?”
The little boy did not respond, instead he hugged his uncle tighter. It seemed as if he would never let go, until a paramedic pried him away, in order to make sure he was alright.
The next day, Ben returned home and his kidnapper was recovering in the hospital. Ed had been interviewed extensively about the kidnapper and the fraudulent cancer fund he had created. Though Ed had committed a crime, the police sympathizes with the man trying to save his family, and allowed Ed to return home with no charges, so long as he testified. Ed worried that Ben would be traumatized, but he soon returned to normal, only suffering from a few nightmares, which overtime
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