Elderly Aging Case Study

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Aging is an inevitable process of life and everybody of us will face this phase of life whether we want it or not. We can 't remove all the declining in physical and mental activities of elderly people. What we can do is to give them quality health care and minimize these discrepancies as much as possible. People above sixties are generally referred as elderly although the definition of a senior citizen varies place to place. Culture also plays an important role in influencing the people to care their parents. In western countries, people tend to either employ professional caregivers at their home or admit them to the nursing home to do all the needful. In the perspective of Asian culture, taking care of the older ones by their children
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Nearly 40 million people above 65 years old live in the USA according to the 2009 census, representing 13 percent people of the nation. It is expected to go above 72 million by the end of the third decade of this century. Here most of the healthcare facilities are privately owned and subjected to high medical expenses. This is why assisted living care is gaining popularity gradually. It is less costly but offers quality service. Nowadays respite care is very popular among people with less affordability. They can go for a business trip or tour keeping the old ones in the custody of respite care homes. In case of Australia each and every citizen contribute proportionally to their income. Govt accumulates these funds and provide free healthcare facility to the mass. In England, the scenario is not that much good. Although King 's Fund and Nuffield Trust sponsor for it but the reluctance of the family members make the aged people…show more content…
Many times patients remain admitted to the hospital for a long time when the undergo major surgeries. It becomes very tough to sustain the transition of re-entering the normal life. So these patients need a buffer which will take care of them and prepare them to adjust with daily life. These centers also specialize in treating persons with all sorts disabilities like dementia, Alzheimer 's Disease. Most of the centers have on-site nurses and doctors for emergency purpose.
Adult daycare always emphasize on social and emotional well-being of the patients. It is a proved fact that mutual interaction or socialization help immensely to cure any disease. They divide patients in small groups with common hobby or nature to make their stay comfortable.
According to the recent statistics there are 5,000 active daycare centers in the United States serving 3,00,000 people. The average cost of keeping a patient in these center is approximately $2000 per month and it varies according to the quality and amenities provided. On average there is a dedicated caregiver employed for every six patients in the

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