Elderly Causese Essay: Causes Of Elder Abuse And Neglect

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1.INTRODUCTION When we talk about abuse or abandon, the first object which comes to our mind definitely will be children. However, the fact is, it happens to the elderly too and the percentage of elderly being abused is getting higher. The elder abuse had become a very common issue in this society. They are either abused by their friends, family members or by the caretakers that are hired by their family, as well as in the nursing home. Nurses in the nursing homes can be biased by giving bad treatments compared to the others. It is very difficult for people to understand that the elders are being bullied and abused very often nowadays. As elders grow older and weaker in mentally and physically, their hearing and sights tend to be weaker as…show more content…
Firstly, people might feel exhausted and frustrated to take care an elderly. As elders become more physically fragile, they will not that active anymore compared to the old times. The speed of their action or movement will reduce and it needs people to stay by their side all the time to take care of them. Elders need 24/7 assistance with all daily needs and this might be one of the causes that lead to elderly abuse. This causes excessive stress and anger to the caregivers because of each of them needs freedom for themselves. Other than that, various types of sickness will come easily when someone gets older. The percentage of elder abuse rise higher when the caregiver is in charge of the elderly who is mental or physical illness (American Psychological Association, no date). It is because when the elderly cannot get to manage themselves on their own, they might create a lot of problem such as simply pee on the floor, simply shout in the public and etc. Just because of the elders cannot manage to control their behaviour well, the caregiver might get annoyed and mad. In this case, the younger generations will become angry and get irritated by the behaviours of the elders and start to release their tension in the elderly with the abusive
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