Elderly Drivers

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Restricting License for the Elderly If driving is hard for both young and old drivers, imagine how hard it is to drive with physical or mental complications. Unfortunately, this is the reality that some senior drivers face as they start to age. According to Constance William and John D. Graham, between ages of 35 and 65, a person vision may be affected as they age, and some people may be afflicted with dementia, which impairs cognitive functions (18). It also is estimated, that in 2012, there are 36 million licensed drivers ages 65 and older in the United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). With 36 million elderly drivers on the road, it may be possible some are suffering from age-related problems. If the elderly are allowed to drive under these conditions, it may be possible for them to inflict harm to themselves and other drivers. To…show more content…
Proponents argue that it may be a burden for seniors if their drivers license if restricted. By limiting licenses for the seniors, it may make it harder for them to buy their medication, go shopping for food, and restrict their freedom and independence. Seniors may also walk, but walking may expose seniors to crime and possibly increase injury due to falling. However, allowing seniors to drive with impaired driving skills may put their life and other drivers’ life at risk. By providing senior with alternative modes of transportation, it may ease the difficulties of not having a driver’s license. According to Anne-Marie Botek by using a service called Independent Transportation Network, which caters specifically for seniors. Seniors will need to pay a fee of about $6 for the service. Seniors may also utilize public transportation such as buses, trains, and subways. If senior do not like public transportations or find them unsafe, they may use services such as Uber and Lyft although they have their fair share of incidents. With many forms of transportation, seniors are still able to travel without a driver
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