Elderly Interview Paper

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In this elderly interview, I chose to interview a very good friend, who currently lives in Henderson, NV. Ms. D.T is a 70 year old Caucasian female who became widowed three years ago. We met in her two story home, where she lives with her beloved cocker spaniel named Belle. As stated previously D.T is a close friend and I had been to her house on numerous occasions; however, I had not been to her residence since the passing of her husband. The house was immaculate and as always D.T was a gracious host, putting out refreshments and snacks for us to enjoy while we talked. Her home was filled with family pictures, as well as religious portraits with her favorite scriptures. The landscape was well kept, with a pool in the back yard for her grandkids to enjoy when they visited. With only the two of us present, I began the interview when she was comfortable to begin.
D.T’s History
D.T is a healthy female
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has been through numerous of Erikson’s developmental stages. I currently see D.T. in two of those stages. The first one would be Stage VII Generativity vs. Stagnation . D.T is still involved in her church and woman’s bible study groups of all ages. She also informed me that she began teaching twelve year old girls how to so dresses to donate to an organization in Africa that her church sponsors. In this stage, she is giving back to the community and becoming an inspiration to all generations. The second stage that I see her in is Stage VIII Ego Integrity vs. Despair. Even though she had a difficult time with her mother, D.T. stated she was able to resolve this and became closer with her mother in her later years. She looks back at her life with no remorse but sees it filled with love and great accomplishments; those being her children and grand-children. Being a woman of faith, D.T expressed no fear or concern about death. In fact, because of her close relationship with God, she is at peace knowing that she has something else to look forward
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