Elderly Offenders Research Paper

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Elderly offenders
One of the biggest problem facing the correctional is not the disease all but the population whit elderly offenders are, that the population is increasing and the prisons are not sure how to solve this problem. The most of the elderly have been in prison for most of their lives. And when they are in prison for most of their lives most of them don’t have family members to take care of them or they don’t have any type of education and they have a difficult time in the real world or most of them will end up homeless or death. Most of them come back again to prisons and keep repeating the same cycle
Elderly offenders consist about four percent of arrest of the United States and by the time we are in 2020 the percent will increased about 15% and the population will included about people between 65 and older. And almost nine times male that female is arrested and that female elderly the percentage are lower than the male. More and more elderly people are ending up dying behind bars and the facilities are spending more money than they should have done. Like spending on medical treatment or housing. The amount spend on an inmate is between 40,000 and 44,000 a year for their rest of their life’s. and that not including medical treat meant expensive that he needs. Elderly offenders
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Although this type of crime is one of the common crime that the elderly commits in his life time. This type punishment for this crime can leave you a life time in prison or many years lock up. In this type of case this offender got a minimum of ten-years if he pleads guilty. If the offender dint pleads guilty he would of face a life time in prison. And the reason he got ten years of prison is because of the reed advance age he got an ten years on prison. And this wasn’t his first sexual offense previously he serve time in prison between 2003 and 2005 for sexual
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