Tips That Comes With Aging Essay

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General Health Tips for Elderly People
Do you relish the thought of growing old or do you dread the changes that come with aging? Gray hair, wrinkles, poor eyesight and physical weakness are common to aging, but with a healthy lifestyle, regular check-ups and proper maintenance, getting older won't necessarily equate to sickness or poor quality of life.
People from the age of 65 and above comprise the elderly population, which is projected to rise to 98.2 million in the year 2060 in the U.S. From this data, 19.7 million will likely live at the ripe age of 85 or older.
The average life expectancy among the elderly rose to 78.8 years in 2014 compared to 74 years during the 1990s. This means that if you consciously take the necessary health
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Common Risks That Comes With Aging
The health risks are higher in old age as chronic and life-threatening conditions become more prevalent. Some common risks to aging, therefore, shouldn't be overlooked because that is when the body's deterioration begins.
SKIN. It's normal for old people to develop wrinkles, sagging skin, spots and blemishes as the skin loses its elasticity and luster with age. You can, however, slow down the appearance of skin problems with proper skin care. Protect your skin from damage with regular application of sunscreen, moisturizers or lotion. If you notice unusual or irritating spots, tags and pigmentation, consider a visit to the dermatologist to check for skin cancer.
TEETH. Tooth decay and cavities occur at any age, hence you need to consistently follow proper dental hygiene to avoid tooth loss. A minor oral problem in older people, however, might develop as gum disease that can affect chewing, swallowing or talking, so don’t ignore this and get a dental check-up as soon as possible. If you’re taking maintenance or prescription medications, you might be prone to dry mouth, cracked lips, soreness or oral sensitivity. These discomforts can be alleviated with regular dental visits and ask your dentist how best to relieve

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