Elderly Population Interview Paper

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1. Were you previously aware of how rapidly the aged population is growing? Yes, I am aware of how rapidly the aged population is growing. Working for the Center for Senior Care has given me the sight to how much the population has grown. I believe it is due to health care and the many different teams of doctors, Social Workers and agencies that specialize in the health and wellbeing of our aged population 1. How many people do you know personally that are part of the oldest of old age category? My Aunt fits that category. She is 91 years old and full of energy. She teaches her church members children how to play the piano. This has been her job at the church for more than 10 years. My aunt goes to a Community Center Senior Care program. This is where she gets to mingle with her friends. Not everyone there is a Teenage Senior like she is. I usually call her once a week and we will talk about the community she talks about how is enjoys helping the old folks in the wheelchairs and walkers at the Community Center. I believe staying active and going to see her doctor once a month has kept her living a healthy and happy life 1.…show more content…
What do you think has increased the longevity of this age category? I believe what increased the longevity of the aged category are all of the different physicians and Nurses that specialize in the health and wellbeing of our senior population. Also, different resources and actives such as job place programs that are offered to keep this population active and in the community. Some cases we have seniors that are home bounded and need a different type of assisting there are programs that cater to their

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