Elderly Population Survey Paper

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The research that I am going to be performing during my collection of information will consist of a survey given to doctors, nurses, patients, and family members from several of assisted living communities here in Manhattan. These facilities include: Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community, Via Christi Village, and Stoneybrook Retirement Community. My study lacks the use of funding to help in the development of professional questionnaires, a team to assist in research, and a larger sample size to support a greater collection of information about facility operations, services, and care provided. During the interview process with the professionals, patients, and families, I will have to remain cautious so that I avoid carrying information given…show more content…
Change commonly derives from conflict, and if this study can reveal some of the underlying difficulties within certain facilities, I think it could lead to a modification in the overall effectiveness of caretakers and the satisfaction of patients and family members. This study currently would cause great interest amongst other cities due to the sheer amount of people entering the elderly population in the next decade. We must figure out how to fix current social problems in health care for the next generation of elderly people to continue positively with such a large aging population. This study is a simple way to understand how one detail can have lasting effects on another. For example, studying the effects of how the level of care in relation to satisfaction will in turn show how facilities can be modified and improved due to a better understanding of a population and their needs as a whole. This study can lead to focusing on more specific sectors of care such as a dementia care unit. My focus on nursing homes and assisted living facilities could easily be mimicked in home care, hospitals, hospice and other avenues of caring for sick or elderly people. Awareness found through the practice of research is a helpful way to improve health care for people of all ages and

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