Persuasive Speech Outline: Care For The Elderly

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PREPARATION OUTLINE Title : Care for the elderly Organisational Pattern : Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Visual Aid : Power point slides General Purpose : To persuade Specific Purpose : To persuade my audience to care for the elderly with respect and dignity Central Idea : The elderly are often neglected and are vulnerable so we must care for them to prevent untoward incidents. Introduction I. We as a human being, we age and it is said that there will be more elderly people in the future. A. According to the graph of 2012 Population Estimates and National Projections from the Current Population Report by Jennifer M. Ortman, the population aged 65 and above is projected to be 83.7 million in 2050, almost double its estimated population of…show more content…
It is difficult to imagine such an Elderly Rights Law being implemented to the Western culture. a. However, France has established a similar decree in 2004 which is in Article 207 of the Civil Code, where the citizens are required to keep in touch with their geriatric parents. i. So, it is applicable to our country as even a develop country like France takes a serious action on caring for the elderly by establishing the Elderly Rights Law. (Transition: The elderly will never feel neglected if we can make the adjustments to care for them) III. There will be major problems if we do not take a good care of our elderly. A. They will feel lonely and the suicide rate will be increasing among them as they do not feel the sense of belonging, hence choosing to end their lives. B. There will also an increase in the rate of missing elderly in China and also the other countries. 1. We do not want to increase the 500,000 older people who went missing each year in China because of being neglected and abused. CONCLUSION I. We need to care for the elderly and change our attitude towards them. II. Do not isolate them from the community by including them in our lives or else there will be an increase in the suicide rate and homeless
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