Elderspek Speech Analysis

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Elderspeak is like baby talk (the speech addressed by adults to young children) or the speech people use when they talk to their pets. It is grammatically simplified, repetitious, slowed down, and exaggerated in pitch. However, elderspeak is spoken to the elderly. Additionally, elderspeak can be patronizing and convey the expectation that the listener is not competent to understand normal speech. 2. skip-generation parents (1 point) Skip-generation parents are grandparents who provide an invaluable safety net by acting as the parent of the child when their real parents are unable or unwilling to care for them. Skip-generation parents exist in all social and racial groups in the United States. 3. double-standard of aging (1 point) The double-standard of aging is referring to the difference in standards of men aging versus women. As men age, society views them as more valuable, more distinguished, and often more attractive. However, as women age, they are viewed as less valuable and less attractive. 4. sandwich generation (1 point) The sandwich generation is referring to people who are “stuck…show more content…
This could not be farther from the truth. Women are capable of desiring and enjoying sexual behavior throughout the life span. In fact, recent studies have shown that around a third of women over sixty-five are sexually active. Around one in ten women in their eighties remain sexually active. . Also, research shows that nearly eighty percent of women who report significant desire or regular activity rated their sexual encounters as satisfying. It is likely that these statistics and percents would be much higher if there were more men in this age group. Men tend to date younger women, therefore older women are slightly hindered in their ability to find available older men. Also, sometimes women are hindered in sexual activity because of their partner’s physical
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