Eldorado: The Lost Place In Poe's Poe

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The world is full of mystery and has things that we would never believe that it will be true. In addition, there are many places that most people believe it has been lost in time or forgotten in history. There are some lost places in the world from books that we read, but some people believe that it was just a legend or cannot be found, like Atlantis or Camelot. On the other hand, some places in this world can rediscover by people who traveled so far to seek the lost places of the world and what happened to them, like Great Zimbabwe, Xanadu, Mycenae. Some people who are also willing to take a chance to find any lost places throughout their lifetime, even if they can’t; additionally, it shows the ideas of having the perseverance and the faith for people to do the impossible even if they don’t succeed. By from Poe 's poem, “Eldorado,” he tells about the gallant knight’s journey throughout his lifetime: the knight is searching the lost city of Eldorado; however, he was aging and almost to his end; eventually, the pilgrim shadow (spirit) guided the knight to find Eldorado. Poe starts his poem with unexpected happy words about the knight: “Gaily bedight,/ A gallant knight” (lines. 1-2). It stated that the knight is…show more content…
The poet uses a metaphor in the line 3 about in the sunshine and the shadow in his poem. It is contradicting us from the understanding between the lighter and darker places of the poem. Also, it is describing us about the knight is traveling from day to shadowy time. He stated lines 4-6 that the knight is taking a long journey to find the lost city of Eldorado, and he’s traveling very happy as well as he’s singing a song. Therefore, it serves a moment of having a good time in traveling was like for us when we are traveling to different
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