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Birth: 1122 or 1124 CE (exact date is unknown), but some accounts record her family listing her as 15 in the Spring of 1137 CE ,and some other accounts record her 14th birthday to be in 1136 CE. Her place of birth place was Poitiers, Western France. Death: 31 March, 1204, when she was just 82 years of age, and surprisingly, she died at her place of birth, in Poitiers in Western France. Parents: Aenor de Châtellerault, (1103 – March 1130) and William X, Duke of of Aquitaine (1099 – April 9, 1137) Occupation: She was one of the most powerful, wealthy women in the history of the Middle Ages. She was the eldest child of William X, who was Duke of Aquitaine at that time, and she rose to be Queen of France. She was married to Louis VII, who was King of France at that time. During the Second Crusade (1145–1149), their marriage weakened, and they officially divorced. Shortly after, she married Henry of Anjou, who became King of England, which made her Queen of England. Cause of death: The cause of Eleanor’s death is unspecified. Page 3: Achievements.…show more content…
That same year, she married Prince Louis VII and became Queen of France, a role that she held for 15 years. From 1147 to 1149 Eleanor accompanied Louis on the Second Crusade to protect the fragile Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem from Turkish assault. Her marriage to Louis was annulled in 1152 and she then married the grandson of Henry I of England, Henry Plantagenet. In 1154 she became Queen of England. She had 10 children altogether, and in her marriage with Henry, she helped (FIND OUT WHAT SON REBELLED) rebel against Henry. Eleanor established a Court of Love which influenced literature, poetry, folklore and
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