Eleanor Bader Homeless On Campus

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In her essay “Homeless on Campus” Professor Eleanor J. Bader, writes about students who are attending college while being homeless. She introduces four students whom are homeless and explains their stories. As she described the life of each student it became obvious that stories were similar; students left home due to hardships and abuse from others, and are now moving from one place to another, going to extreme measures to make sure everything is taking care off, and all while focussing on school work. Bader identified three main focus points on the issue of homeless students on campus. She noted that unlike elementary school and high school, universities do not provide any formal help to homeless students. Because of the lack of resources, state fundings the need goes unnoticed. She explains that help should be available to those who need it. To support her thesis she gets information from people who have insight on the life of these students. After reading her article and several hours of personal research I've come to an understanding or distinctive belief that her essay is written to educate and bring to light the problems that many college students face while attending …show more content…

Today she lives in a shelter. Before her current situation Aesha lived with her family and her baby father in a three-bedroom South Bronx apartment till he became abusive. She wakes up at five o'clock in the morning to take her son to the apartment of a girlfriend in the Bronx, in order to make it to class by 7:00AM. Due to her periodic absences she is force to notify her professors of her present situation. If her university provided day care for young children, she might not have to spend between seven and eight hours each day on a

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