Eleanor Bader Homeless On Campus

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In “Homeless on Campus” author, Kingsborough Community College English Department Instructor, Eleanor Bader explains the increasing amount of homeless students and ways the public can help get them into various necessary living situations. Bader has two main audiences whom she is addressing. The first audience is homeless students. This report helps homeless students feel as if their voice is being heard and that they are not the only ones going through this. The second audience is teachers and college faculty members. By referencing so many college employees in the administrative level, the author is able to reach a wider variety of people. Having a teacher that allowed “several homeless students to sleep in her office over the past decade,” provides an example for what other teachers and faculty members can do to help out their students (716). …show more content…

When students are unable to have stable living situations they resort to things like “sleeping in their cars and sneaking into a school gym to shower and change clothes” (713). Some other students might even become desperate enough to “coach surf or camp in the woods” (713). As far as transportation is concerned, when students do not have a motor vehicle they may even resort to “bicycling or walking to class” in either extreme heat or cold weather (713). By bring facts as mentioned about to the college administration audience, not only is Bader creating a mode of awareness but she is also advocating for a policy change specifically for homeless students so that they may have an opportunity to have on campus housing for a reduced

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