Eleanor Of Aquitaine: A Queen In The Middle Ages

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Medieval Times were covered in deceit and secrecy and one of the main duties of a Queen in the Middle Ages was to help the King and other nobility find ways to spy on rivals, start conflicts or wars or simply spread important gossip through the country. One of the most famous medieval queens was Eleanor of Aquitaine. She was most likely born in the year 1122 as historians do not have the direct date of which she was born. Eleanor was a powerful and wealthy woman in Western Europe during the middle ages she married twice and had a total of 10 kids. To become a queen in the middle ages she had to acquire it through marriage or less commonly inheritance.
The medieval kings of the early medieval times tended to control small areas of a kingdom,
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A medieval queen was then accompanied to mass with her ladies maids, at the end of which she would give charity among the gathered peasants at the church. Sometimes the Queen would also listen to petitions and make reasonable compromises. Some-times, when a medieval queen had a say in the business of the kingdom, she would go to the council and follow the business taking place. The afternoon of a medieval queen would usually be spent in the company of other ladies and maids.
During the medieval times, various medieval queens left their mark on history. During the early medieval times, there was hardly any established kingdoms in Europe after the down fall of the Roman Empire. Due to this reason, we rarely find any examples of a medieval queens during the early middle ages.
Medieval Kings dominated the middle ages and ruled their lands with authority. The medieval period went on for around 1000 years and during that time there were many medieval kings who ruled England and Europe. There were also mythical kings such as King Arthur who was believed by some to be one of the greatest medieval kings who ever lived
Many castles have been left behind in Europe and I have been lucky enough to go to some such as bodiam
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