Eleanor & Park Persuasive Essay

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Who doesn’t like a good love story? Eleanor & Park has great themes about teenage love and independence but is chosen to be banned due to poor language. The type of language adults think teens should not be reading about. Although Eleanor & Park has poor language, teens should still be able to read it because it teaches not to be afraid to be afraid of one’s self, not let anyone get in the way of love, and be independant.
Firstly, teens should read Eleanor & Park because it teaches to not be afraid to be one’s self. Eleanor, who has arrived on the bus on her first day, causes quite a stir with her attire. Park, Eleanor’s boyfriend soon enough, described what she wore when he first saw her. “She had on a plaid shirt, a men’s shirt, with half a dozen weird necklaces hanging around her neck and scarves wrapped around her wrists” (Rowell 8).
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When Eleanor needs to get away from her step-dad, Park offers to take Eleanor to Minnesota and Eleanor agrees. Park leaves a note to his parents, “Mom and Dad, I had to help Eleanor. I’ll call you tomorrow and I’ll be back in a day or two. I know I’m in huge trouble but this is an emergency, and I had to help. Park”(Rowell 294). Park made the choice to take his mom’s car and take Eleanor to Minnesota even though he would be in big trouble. Park wanted to help Eleanor escape her step-dad. Park had to make a choice to help Eleanor and made that choice by himself.
Eleanor & Park is a book teens should read because it teaches to not be afraid to be one’s self, not let anyone get in the way of love, and making decisions by one’s self. When Park first sees Eleanor, she is wearing tacky clothes, almost like she wants to be noticed. Park had beat up Steve to make him stop making fun of Eleanor. Park made the decision to drive Eleanor to Minnesota to escape her step-dad. A good love story should not be ruined by a lady who does not like a few bad
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