Eleanor Roosevelt A Great Leader Essay

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Powerful Women What is the definition of a leader? According to, a leader is, “the one in the charge, the person who convinces other people to follow. A great leader inspires confidence in other people and moves them to action.” In this definition, it does not state whether a leader has to be a male or female. A leader must have the right qualities to be a great leader. There are numerous past and present women who have been great leaders in our country, as well as many strong women that rule foreign countries. Eleanor Roosevelt was a great leader of the past. She was married to former president Franklin D. Roosevelt. The main reason Roosevelt was such a great leader back in her day was because she took over most of her husband’s duties as president when he had polio attack and was not able to accomplish his duties. Eleanor was very involved in the political world. She gave press…show more content…
A couple of those great leaders are Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Angela Merkel. Cristina Fernandez was elected to the provincial legislature of Santa Cruz in 1979. Then in 1993 she was elected senate of Argentina. Fernandez continued to impress people with her great leadership skills when she became First Lady of Argentina. In 2003 she was elected President of Argentina and in 2011 she was reelected to her second term. Cristina continues to show the people of her country she is capable of being a great leader (“Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner”). Angela Merkel was elected in 2005 as chancellor in Germany and was the first female chancellor. She was reelected chancellor in 2009 and 2013. According to the article Angela Merkel biography it states, “Underestimated for much of her career by her rivals, Merkel often emerged victorious because of hard work and a streak of ruthlessness" (“Angela Merkel”). These two women are examples of females that possess great leadership and power in our
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