Eleanor Roosevelt: A Hero

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"No one can make you feel inferior without consent"(Roosevelt). Eleanor Roosevelt is a hero because no matter what she always cared for the citizens of the United States. Some of Roosevelt’s greatest accomplishments were the human rights, assisting Franklin with his disease and writing "My Day" along with her speaking as a first lady.
Eleanor Roosevelt was passionate about fighting for human rights. First, she lobbied the rights on behalf of African Americans and Native Americans. Mrs. Roosevelt became active in the national youth administration and organization to help African Americans and Native American’s find jobs whose rights were overlooked by the government ("history reference"). This evidence explains how Eleanor Roosevelt helped
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Fist she wrote a newspaper column called "my Day". In her column, she mostly discussed deliberation and human rights. Her newspaper column started in December 1935 and ended september1962 (Black) (lusted24). This passage stated that Mrs. Roosevelt discussed what she thought and did for human rights and deliberation it also shows how long she wrote "My Day". Secondly, Roosevelt was the first lady to start speaking with large crowds. When she started speaking she spoke to crowds of 50,000 crowds or more in 1940("history reference"). This evidence states that Mrs. Roosevelt was a great speaker because she drew in large crowds. Lastly, she started traveling around the world speaking. When Roosevelt resigned in 1952 she started traveling around the worked promoting various social causes. Many heads of the state she talked about Democratic Party welcomed her and she helped the candidates companying offices as well ("history reference”). This evidence shows how even though she wasn’t a first lady anymore she still went and helped others and still promoted many causes. In conclusion, Mrs. Roosevelt was identified best for her writing and her…show more content…
Roosevelt we wouldn’t have human rights, her helping her husband our former president and an over view of her life from her story column and her speaking. Roosevelt’s passion and efforts were the starting point of the human rights, as we know of them today. Mrs. Roosevelt had to face many challenges but she fought through them. Writing and speaking is something everyone remembers about Mrs. Roosevelt. Be like Eleanor Roosevelt and do not give the consent to make you feel inferior.
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