Eleanor Roosevelt Accomplishments

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"No one can make you feel inferior without consent"(Roosevelt). Eleanor Roosevelt is a hero because no matter what she always cared for the citizens of the United States. Some of Roosevelt’s greatest accomplishments were the human rights, assisting Franklin with his disease and writing "My Day" along with her speaking as a first lady.
Eleanor Roosevelt was passionate about fighting for human rights. First, she lobbied the rights on behalf of African Americans and Native Americans. Mrs. Roosevelt became active in the national youth administration and organization to help find jobs for African Americans and Native Americans whose rights were overlooked by the government ("history reference"). This evidence explains how Eleanor Roosevelt helped
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Eleanor had many problems in her occupation that she had to take care of. First, when she found out about her husband's secret she was very stunned. On 1918, Roosevelt found out about her husband's secret affair with one of Mr. Roosevelts staff member. Her name was Lucy mercer. Mr. Roosevelt said that he would break it off but did not follow through with that promise. She decided not to get a divorce because of Franklin’s presidential election (“history reference"). This evidence stated that Roosevelt had a hard time wither her marriage to Franklin Roosevelt. After that, Roosevelt ran into another problem with her husband. The summer of 1921 at Campobello Island Mr. Roosevelt was hit with polio although he survived he was paralyzed for the rest of his life and Eleanor had to nurse him back to health. The only good thing that came out of this was she had to become more politically active herself (history reference"). That passage says that even though Roosevelt had to nurse Franklin back to health she still got threw it and even became more politically active herself. Finally, she resigned for the daughter of the American Revolution (DAR) because she had some problems with it. Mrs. Roosevelt was accused of racism when a popular black opera singer asked to perform at the hall that the DAR owned they said no because of her skin color. Therefore, Roosevelt helped Marian Anderson preform in the Lincoln memorial ("history reference"). This demonstrates how Mrs. Roosevelt had to resign from DAR because she did not believe in racism. To conclude Roosevelt had many obstacles in her life but she wrote a story column and became good at speaking to express her troubles and
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