Eleanor Roosevelt Achievements

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“Eleanor began carving out a role as a new kind of First Lady, a role that would satisfy her own need to be independent and active in public and political life.”(HistoryNet 1). Eleanor Roosevelt truly redefined the term first lady and used her position to do good for the people. As a child Eleanor was said to be more shy and awkward but as years went by she became more confident giving her the drive she had as first lady to make a change. After marrying Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor was able to use her education to influence America. She fought for the rights of young African Americans and worked on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, just a few items on the ongoing list of amazing accomplishments she was able to achieve as an American Revolutionary. Eleanor Roosevelt truly shaped the role of First Lady and gave a new meaning to the rights of the people in America. Eleanor gave her support throughout World War II and gave the most positive outlook that she could during these times.”During World War II, she was her husband’s eyes…show more content…
“ From 1946 to 1953, Roosevelt served as a U.S. delegate to the United Nations, where she oversaw the drafting and the passage of the universal human declaration of rights. Roosevelt considered the document, which continues to serve as a model for how people and nations should treat each other, one of her most significant achievements.”(History.com). Eleanor played a huge role in the creation of the universal rights that are still used today, showing the great role she played in making everyone equal. She battled everything in the way of the rights of women, african americans, the poor, and the young. “Eleanor carried a folding chair to all sessions and carefully placed it in the centre aisle. Her defense of the rights of African Americans, youth, and the poor helped to bring groups into government that formerly had been alienated from
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