Eleanor Roosevelt Analysis

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This historical resource is an description of the life and career of Eleanor Roosevelt. The author’s goal was to provide a source of information and diversion of Eleanor Roosevelt and how she emerged as the most influential woman of her day largely because she was able to persuade and utilize the media. Beasley places Eleanor Roosevelt in the context of her efforts to broaden the role of First Lady, using the media (her press conferences, ‘’My Day’’ columns, radio programs) and shows how these efforts allowed Eleanor Roosevelt to reformulate herself as a person instead of being known as the ‘’First Lady.’’ Eleanor Roosevelt work was constituted and a unusual kind of personal journalism. It based on the value of her name and as a symbol…show more content…
Roosevelt even firmer control over the image that she presented to the public, by offering charming glimpses of her family that made the column a low-keyed, but effective, political weapon for the 1936 election.’’(88) Although Mrs. Roosevelt wrote about her family they had a different point of view according to Professor Beasley. Elliott Roosevelt, son of Eleanor described her personality as calm, contented woman deeply concerned with the world and her family but Professor Beasley explains Mrs. Roosevelt has the detached, harried, fault-finding wife and parent everyone knew. Mrs. Roosevelt used ‘’My Day’’ for a kind of personal accounting, but one made to the…show more content…
Beasley is an associate professor in the College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park. She has taught since she finished work on her Ph.D (George Washington University) in 1974. Her particular focus is Washington women journalists including Eleanor Roosevelt, who considered herself a journalist, and the coverage of first ladies. Maurine Beasley has great knowledge over women’s portrayal and participation in journalism. Her credibility is very credible.
The analysis of Rodney Carlisle was a positive review of Eleanor Roosevelt and the Media. The reviewer that Professor Emerita did well demonstrating Eleanor Roosevelt's effort to use the media. Robert Nardini review of Eleanor Roosevelt and the Media was negative. He referred to the book as obvious and was very blunt in his review. He thought that the book would have been more variable had it compared Roosevelt’s efforts to what women before or after her had done, or to what he own husband was doing concurrently. I kind of agree with this reviewer because parts of the books left out some points of her
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