Eleanor Roosevelt Character Analysis

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Throughout history, there were countless strong-willed and prominent women in this world. However, one lady who stood out the most was Eleanor Roosevelt. After examining “Eleanor Roosevelt” by William Jay Jacobs, Eleanor’s letter to the DAR, and a clip from biography.com titled “Eleanor Rooselvelt”, one can clearly see that Eleanor had an impressive personalitu of never giving up. It is evident that Eleanor Roosevelt is a strong-willed person.

To begin with, after reading “Eleanor Roosevelt” by William Jay Jacobs, it is clear that Eleanor is a strong-willed. In the biography, the author talks about her entire life. At one point in Eleanor Roosevelt’s life, WWI occurs and she gets involved. The text states, “In 1917, the United States entered WWI as an active combatant. Like many socially prominent women, Eleanor threw herself into the war effort. Sometime she worked fifteen and sixteen hours a day” (792). This quote shows how even in the toughest times in history, Eleanor Roosevelt never gives up. Instead of backing away and hiding from the problem, she faces it head on and tries to make a change. This text from the biography illustrates how Eleanor Roosevelt is strong-willed. …show more content…

The letter she wrote talked about how she was going to resign from the DAR for not letting a black singer named Marian Anderson at the Constitution Hall because she was colored. The DAR is an organization for women who are descendants from those women who fought and struggled for independence. Eleanor Roosevelt was part of this organization and was extremely disappointed when they denied Anderson for her skin color. Eleanor states in her letter, “I realize that many people will not agree with me, but feeling as I do this seems to me the only proper procedure to follow”(801). This quote evidently highlights how Eleanor Roosevelt is a decisive

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