Eleanor Roosevelt Compare And Contrast

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Authors Fran Burke and Betty Houchin Winfield both enlighten readers to the many accomplishments of former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. While both authors give Eleanor rightful praise and recognition, they do so in different ways. In her essay “She Made a Difference”, Burke focuses on Eleanor’s humanitarian work through charitable organizations, while in “The Legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt”, Winfield places more emphasis on Eleanor’s work as a journalist and influence in shaping the role of the first lady. By providing various examples of her dedication, persistence, and independence, Burke and Winfield write effective pieces that highlight Eleanor’s most noteworthy qualities. Burke’s essay centers on Eleanor’s work in various organizations that sought to improve the human condition. Burke includes a quote by Joseph Lash, the author of Eleanor and Franklin, that captures the true nature of Eleanor’s humanitarian efforts, “She (Eleanor) would never be satisfied with purely private satisfaction. For the rest of her life she would look at the injustices of the world, feel pity for the human condition, and ask what she could do about it.” The essay goes on…show more content…
“The Legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt” lives up to its title by emphasizing the impact Eleanor had on shaping the role as first lady. The author backs up her claim by mentioning first ladies since Eleanor and demonstrating how and what they learned from Eleanor. She includes several examples such as Ladybird Johnson’s lobbying for environmental protection, Nancy Reagan’s anti-drug campaign, and Pat Nixon’s creation of White House tours for the blind and deaf. Unlike Burke who does not pay much mind to the shaping of the first lady, Winfield argues that Eleanor gave the first lady a public voice and cause aside from solely supporting her President
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