Eleanor Roosevelt's Influence On Women

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Eleanor Roosevelt was very different from other women in her time. She was not beautiful and excited all the time like most young women. She was very serious and her mother made up for her lack of beauty by educating her. However, she became the First Lady when her husband Franklin Roosevelt became president. She was a strong and passionate woman who exceeded far beyond the expectations that society had for women. The time period in which Eleanor was born women didn’t really get much without beauty, talent, and manners. It didn’t make much of a difference if they were educated most of the time if they did not possess the other qualities. Eleanor was not a pretty girl and it was something that worried her mother, especially for her future.…show more content…
She would receive a large amount of letters and ,with the help of a secretary, she would answer each one personally, referring them to appropriate state agencies and even asking to be informed of the actions taken. She loved to teach and it became a major aspect in her life.She believed that true happiness was found when you helped people. Even though she wasn’t the famous First Lady anymore she was still adored by many.
Franklin Roosevelt died in 1945 and the United Nations appointed Eleanor as a delegate in 1946. She became the head of the Human Rights Commission. The article, Champion of Human Rights Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), states that, “... she was influential in formulating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights..” (Chávez). She worked for what was right until her death in 1962. She wanted the right set forth in the Declaration to gain acceptance. President Truman gave her the title “ First Lady of the World” due to her great humanitarian achievements.
She started off as a shy, reserved, and scared ugly duckling. She grew out of that title and accomplished more than any woman in her time. She didn’t care what society said she had to do and did what she wanted to do. Her greatest achievements in life involved helping those in
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