Eleanor Roosevelt's Role In The Red Cross, NAACP, United States

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Eleanor Roosevelt
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I remember this one bright and beautiful day in second grade. It was a bright and beautiful day. The birds were chirping and the sun was shining. Our big class was talking about the new thing…Silly Bands. “Alright class, get into your sets NOW! Our mean teacher Miss. Lewis shouted. Today we learn about Franklin Roosevelt. We’re also going to learn about his wife Eleanor Roosevelt…” Everyone one knew all 44 of the presidents of the USA. Or at least the one’s so far. Our class were surprised when she announced that we were going to learn about one of their wives. We usually never talked about any of the presidents wives. Eleanor Roosevelt played an important role in the Red Cross, NAACP, United Nations, and New
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ER (Eleanor Roosevelt) was a National board member of the NAACP. She pressured her husband to pass anti lynching laws. She also gave up her membership in the Daughters of American Resolution after the organization denied an African American singer, Marian Anderson, the right to use their segregated concert hall. She also corresponded with Martin Luther King. ER sent Martin Luther King Telegrams inviting to meet with her, and they did this very frequently. ER also supported the bus boycott in Montgomery. She wrote about the boycott in her column. Also, she met Montgomery NAACP activists Rosa Parks and E.D. Nixon during the boycott. As well as serving the NAACP she served United Nations.
Eleanor in the UN?
Eleanor Roosevelt was elected head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. The UN established permanent Commission on Human Rights and elected ER chair unanimously. She also traveled across the world. She traveled throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East, and the Pacific investigating the conditions. She urged support from the UN, UN Humanitarian, and diplomatic aid. She was UN most noted ambassador and supported the UN. ER’s chaired subcommittee was charged with drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You might not know it but, ER was also a big part of the New Deal.
Eleanor helps the
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