Eleanor Roosevelt's Short Story 'Hanging Fire'

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“Do what you feel in your heart to be right, or you’ll be criticized anyway.” - Eleanor Roosevelt. This quote means to me that you should always do the right thing even though you think you’ll be criticized for doing the right thing because the truth is, people will judge you either way. The story of hanging fire is right at the point that where the girl can make a decision to either change her life for the better, or for the worse. So the quote is talking about her having to make that right or wrong decision. I relate to this story the most because I have depression, feel like my parents don't love me, and complain about the things I don't have.

In the story, everything about the girl's life is sad. If it's just sad to us, then to her, it's something that quite literally makes her want to die. I relate to this because I have depression. It's a less serious kind than the girls but I understand her more because of it. With depression, any negative
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Or that when she is, she doesnt love me. In the story, the girl's mom was hiding in the bedroom with the door closed. My dad tends to hide in the bedroom with the door closed. I always wonder what he's doing, and if he's ok. Most of the time I know that he’s just gaming.

My family does ok when it comes to finances but that means we get what we need and occasionally what we want. In the story, the girl complains of acne prone skin, ashy knees, and little cute clothes. I relate to this because I have those issues. Unlike the girl, I’m lucky that my mom and grandma are coupon queens and save on everything. So I consider myself lucky to have skin care, lotion, and decent clothes. I’m not some fashion queen so I don’t need super fashionable clothing.

All in all, I seem to relate to this girl quite a bit. With our similarities being acne, ashy knees, missing family, money being an issue, and depression, I believe that I relate to the girl in the
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