Eleanor The Queen Analysis

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The book Eleanor the Queen written by Norah Lofts takes place around the years 1147-1192 in Western Europe. In the book, Eleanor accompanies her first husband Louis on the second crusade. She also experiences sexism and discrimination with both of her husbands. Along the way she fights for her rights and while doing that she gets imprisoned for speaking her mind. Norah Lofts’ book Eleanor the Queen, accurately describes Eleanor's role in women's rights while being in a royal marriage, and also accurately describes the second crusade that was led by Louis, the king of France and was accompanied by Eleanor of Aquitaine. In Eleanor’s first marriage to the king of France, the relationship between them is strictly political. When Eleanor interrupts…show more content…
Again, in the book, Eleanor has just given birth to her second daughter and her husband, Louis is upset because he does not think that France can be led by a woman. Because of this, Eleanor decides she wants a divorce. This is because she believes that a woman can run France and that women are just as capable as men. Then, five years later she finally gets an annulment, but according to how an annulment works "An annulment,... treats the marriage as though it never existed" (Annulment, Wikipedia). Therefore, an annulment is not possible because they have two kids and their kids will keep the marriage from being erased from history, because the kids are still considered the results of a marriage that is not supposed to exist anymore. But, it is possible because during this time it was very common for the pope to bend the rules for royals. This was because there was a constant fight between secular and religious power and the annulment would give the pope a leg up on secular leaders (Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England). In order for the pope to declare the annulment, he proved that Eleanor and her husband were actually cousins therefore, making the marriage illegal. It is unknown whether that fact was true or made up as a reason to end their…show more content…
In the book, Damascus was chosen as the first location because it was closer and was thought to have been weaker than Jerusalem. Unfortunately, the Crusaders lost in battle and ended up retreating. This was the story told in the book, and according to an article by World History in Context, “the Second Crusaders saw a closer target, Damascus, a city controlled by the Muslims, although allies to the Crusaders and enemies of Nar-ad-Din. Despite this fact being made clear, on 24 June 1148 the Second Crusaders decided to advance on the allied Damascus. Their attack failed”. The book accurately describes the second crusade to much detail and shows what Eleanor was thinking throughout it. It is unknown whether Eleanor had an alternative ideas that were better but, neglected. Nevertheless, it is possible that she did suggest ideas but they were just thrown out like the other ones that she had
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