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Snippet: eLearning activities can boost learners’ engagement and align their expectations. There are many types of eLearning activity and tons of ways to use them in eLearning course design.
6 Most Widely-Used eLearning Activities
Do you need to create eLearning contents? Do you look for ways to make those contents more interesting and effective at the same time? If yes, multiple types of eLearning activities are what you need. eLearning activities, regardless of interactions, should be interesting and engaging enough to draw learners’ attention. They should be capable of boosting learners’ engagement, aligning their expectations. As a result, collecting knowledge, sharing learning experiences, and receiving feedback can become more easily and effectively.
There are many types of eLearning activity and tons of ways to use them
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ActivePresenter 7 - a screen recorder, video editor & eLearning authoring software is one of them.
5. Scenarios
What should you do if you have a lot of information that needs to be shared? And what should you do when you need an activity to challenge learners’ decision-making skills? Scenarios are good to go because they can pack a lot of information and pose challenges. In addition, you should use this kind of eLearning activities where skills in realistic situations needed. It pushes your learners to actively participate in the content, lets them practice and strengthen their ability in a risk-free environment.
A scenario is an interactive eLearning method that requires online learners to select an approach as a response to the scenario. After selecting an approach or making a decision, learners have to go with the consequence, deal with it and then face with further choices. It can be said that scenario is great to go when you need an eLearning activity to challenge learners’ decision-making skill.
6. Thought-Provoking
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