Why Is Electrocardiogram Important?

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All living beings either have a heart beat or some explaining to do. As the blood transfers the necessary nutrients throughout the body for survival, a pumping heart providing a heart beat is important1(p360). The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a way to record and monitor the electrical activity of the heart while being non-invasive1(p373). The purpose of this study is to record and examine the ECG tracings acquired when an individual partakes in low, medium, and high intensity anaerobic training.
Heart rate is a measurement used in a variety of studies for a variety of reasons. The heart’s function is solely to pump blood around the body, so nutrients can be transported and used where they are needed1(p360). Heart rate has been shown to have connections to and be an indicator of general health and abilities thus it is an appropriate variable to consider3,4. The ECG is a trusted and accurate machine used in many studies to determine the heart rate of an individual5,6,7. It has been used as a screening tool for Sudden Cardiac Death with controversial success5. Porto et al. compared the ECG to the wrist worn heart rate monitors, which are becoming more prevalent in society, and while the wrist worn monitors were found equally as capable at short term interval series,
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The independent variable is the various physical activity intensities (50 W, 100 W, and 200 W at 50 RPM). The dependant variable is the heart rate of the participant in beats per minute (BPM). The hypothesis is that with the increase of the resistance there will be an increase in heart rate and with the recovery heart rate will decrease. This is based on previous studies that have shown an increase in heart rate through exercise and a knowledge of the physiological functions of the

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