Media Influence On Elections Essay

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Elections across the world are a state of intense political and media activity. Election campaigns, strategies and issues get extensive coverage, as electoral strategies become the focus of attention for voters to make electoral choices (Graber, 2010; Ha, 2009).
Croteau and Hoynes (2003) point out that from the “privacy of our living rooms to the public forums of presidential debates, the media serve as the informational network connecting the many elements of our society (p.30)”.
Lange and Ward (2003) add that in the contemporary world, the idea of elections without the mass media would be unthinkable as broadcast media and newspapers have become the “primary site where an election is actually taken to the electorate (xiii).”
Current elections are now regarded as three-way alliance that involves the voter, the contestants and the media, with the media acting as the link between the other two. The media filled the power void created by the waning influence of political parties
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After the phenomenal usage of new media during President Obama's campaigns in 2008, there has been marked surge in the usage of new media in elections across the world (Karan, Gimeno, 2010, p.7).
Karan, et al. (2009) in a study about Philippines elections found You Tube to be an excellent medium for advertising for overseas voters, particularly for parties with few resources to afford advertising through the mainstream media. In many parts of the Africa continent where Internet penetration is still low, the usage of social media in elections is slowly catching pace. In some elections mobile phones have been used to transmit election results to a common data centre as the case was in the 2007 elections in Nigeria and Sierra
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