Electives In Middle Schools Essay

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According to Education Week Teacher “Reaching performance goals or learning a new language requires students to be organized, to set goals, and to evaluate if they’re meeting those goals.”(Rambo 2011) Middle schools should allow electives because it helps you by allowing students to learn new skills and experiences, what they may want to do in their future, and gets them prepared for their adulthood. Firstly, electives in middle schools could allow students to learn new skills and experiences. It would help them learn things they would need to know for their future earlier and when they are younger. “ Electives allow students to break away from standard subject matter offered at schools and delve into a world of new, unexplored subjects.” (Youth Perspective: Schools should con...) With new subjects students would be able to set goals for themselves on specific things they may want to do in some…show more content…
Students would be able to get prepared for their adulthood. They could experience things more earlier if they allow electives in middle schools, they would take things serious for their future career because they know what they want to do. It would change student by making them more mature and ready for high school and what they expect in their job. Allowing electives could be good for students because it could change therm into a more mature person and focus on what they want to do or study to reach their goals. If they reach their goals then they will gain confidence on what they would like to do. On the other hand, others might say that having electives in middle school isn 't a good idea because they say that having electives in middle school is just a waste of time. Not getting work done and not letting students focus on their academic classes. However, I disagree because having electives provides teachers not having to grade too much papers, and students not having to stress about their academic classes. It gives them time to relax and calm down about their other
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