The Importance Of Abolishing The Electoral College

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Electoral college argument Does the electoral college make the elections unfair or sway in one direction more than the other? After the fall of the A.O.C the founding fathers decided to write up the constitution and rework their government and in doing that they created the electoral college to help with the elections. Should we remove the electoral college and go to popular vote? The electoral college should be abolished due to the fact that some vote count more than others depending on where you live, The state have made up their mind on who they vote so we already know who is going to win before the election happens, and if the vote come to a tie we leave it to the house of representatives to vote and everybody else's vote goes away and does not matter. With the electoral college in place we see that some states have more power than others when it come to the vote depending on their size and the amount of senators they have. As an example we see in Texas they have 38 electoral vote and California has 55(Document A) Compared to the 3 in Montana and 4 in idaho (Document A) we see that Texas and California have a lot…show more content…
The way the electoral college is not fair to the people if it come to a tie or nobody reaches the 270 votes needed because their vote does not matter anymore and it goes to the house of representatives and they will side with whatever party they are with, Winner takes all method makes it so third party does not have any chance to win at all even if a 50/49 vote all electoral votes will go to the 50%, Lastly it needs to be abolished because it is not fair to smaller states and prefers larger states with having a lot more electoral votes than other states. The electoral college is something that was working in the past because the states were not associated with any party and with the changes to America and her people the way we elect our leader needs to change
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