What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College

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“The Founding Fathers established The Electoral College as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens.” according to archives.gov. The Electoral College was an option out of four ideas as stated in a peer-reviewed article by William C. Kimberling, a Deputy Director
FEC Office of Election Administration. He stated that during this time, the colonies had a small population and people where very spread out, an idea of a patriarchal figure is very displeasing, those are a couple of problems the Convention had to go through... The Constitutional Convention had a couple of ideas like for example Congress choosing the president, state legislature chooses the president and the popular vote, but they ultimately chose the Electoral College. The Electoral College chose electorates who where most knowledgeable and informed individual who was not biased and did not have a political party would be elected in each state. The original plan did not last too long, only through 4 presidential elections, it was later changed for the second time, but had many flaws and made a mess with tiebreakers going to Congress and the Senate, also the
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Even if the popular vote brings the majority closer to it, there is a more effective way of voting for candidates than the Electoral College, while making as many voices heard. The founding fathers built an excellent system for their times, but it has been centuries and their principles are outdated. People cry for a more fair way of electing a president, to get rid of the Electoral College. The TPAE is the most effective way of making it not to complex to vote nor is it hard to implement. The only wall that needs to be jumped are all of the states following through with this system, it could give us extra time to think of something
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