Electoral College Case Study

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The Electoral College is a crucial component of how the President of The United States is elected. The votes cast by the Electoral College can outweigh the popular vote of the American public, so it would be consequential for the American public to be aware of the Electoral College and have at least a basic understanding of how it works. This, however, is sadly not the case. Even some of today’s elected officials are not up to date on how the government works. The Intercollegiate Studies Institute ran a poll of twenty-five hundred randomly selected Americans, out of the members of that poll that were elected officials only fifty-three percent of them answered correctly when asked if they knew what the Electoral College’s function was. If the…show more content…
A standardized test would be given to each company that participates, these tests would need to be returned to the government within 6 months so that the companies have the chance to give the test to the employees in the manner and time that they see fit. The amount of the tax break would be proportional to the size of the business and the amount of deductibles already in the business’s tax…show more content…
Starting off with the big name corporations that run other smaller companies will paint a more accurate picture of how open businesses will be to educating their workers, because of their large number of employees. This would be accomplished by holding workshop days for companies and giving a presentation over the lack of knowledge about the Electoral College, how this can affect the company 's business after elections, and how educating their workers can help them through new tax breaks. A benefit of personally contacting companies is that the owners will be able to ask questions over material they do not understand. The world of tax breaks and the Electoral College is a confusing place. Having professionals present that are well educated in their field will allow the Business owners to ask questions and clarify what may seem

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